I’m into my hair. I think you’re into your hair too. And we all know pretty hair can cost a pretty penny. Thus, I am very happy to offer you here, (SF) friends, a giveaway for a free hair do sesh at Fringe salon in Hayes Valley, San Francisco (my original stomping grounds when I first moved to the city) that includes partial highlights, a haircut and a deep conditioning mask – a $225 value! This giveaway comes courtesy of daily deal site ‘BuyWithMe’ and Fringe Salon, of course. BuyWithMe is currently offering this as a deal for $110 through tomorrow here (chh-chh-check it out), however they have kindly offered me a voucher for you guys for free! wahhooo!!

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This giveaway will run through 5pm (PST) on Monday, August 22nd, at which time I will be choosing a winner at random. Good Luck!

p.s. I am sorry to leave out my non-SF readers with this giveaway (I know there are a ton of you!). Next one will for sure be more global! Thanks always for reading xx



erin go bragh

have you heard? red hair is having a major moment. I have always loved red hair, and it is something I am always tempted to try, after all it would go so lovely with my fair skin, light eyes, freckles and genuine Irish heritage. Maybe someday.

it seems only appropriate on a fashion blog to cheers to these lovely irish red headed beauties on this day of St. Patrick. they wear it so well.


– cheers to being irish. happy st. patrick’s day –



left to right from top: taylor tomasi hill, florence welch, karen elson; middle: bryce dallas howard, karen elson, lily cole; bottom: alison sudol of a fine frenzy, street style, emma stone

feathers in her hair

  “I gave my love a golden feather, I gave my love a heart of stone, and when you find a golden feather, it means you’ll never lose your way back home.”  -The Band, Golden Feather


Last week I got these amazing feather hair extensions. I had elusively heard about them and then got wind they were available at a salon I used to frequent in SF – and I knew I had to have them. I have a penchant for wearing things/accessories in my hair and these are no exception- I love them. They are real pheasant feathers that are traditionally used for fly fishing. In case you were wondering, they are clamped and glued in my hair in 3 clumps with 2 and 3 feathers each. I have washed, dryed, flat-ironed and curled them- pheasants apparently have sturdy feathers. They will stay for as long as my hair will hold onto them (about 6 weeks they say), but I can always have them reclamped and glued in as my hair grows out. Not sure how long I will want to have them for but for now, I think they’re super fun.

Look who else has a thing for hair feathers:

Dear Kate,

Why, of course I would be honored to be one of your bridesmaids! How sweet of you to ask. Clearly we are kindred spirits. All my love to Wills!

kisses, Tara

shake dreams…

in honor of yesterday’s post. And it’s a beautiful Saturday (thank God)- perfect for dream making. Love to you all ❤

letting my hair down

It’s Friday, everyone, and I’m letting my hair done… literally. You may have noticed in all the pictures of me all over this blog, that I almost never wear my hair down. I always wear it half up (and teased, moderately snooki style). It’s a style I have worn for years and years and it’s my comfort zone. Since I have been growing my hair out in the past months I have been trying to push myself to wear my hair down at least twice a week. I’ve never liked to wear it down because a) I’m not used to it and I think I look weird and b) I have really thin hair and it goes flat and limp. My half up hairstyle with teasing and massive amounts of hairspray pretty much ensures the latter never happens. Nonetheless, I am trying to get used to it.

When I was looking at all of the runway shows from Fashion Week for Spring 2011, The hair at the Rodarte show caught my eye. Ever since then I have been thinking I should emulate their hair someday. This morning I was inspired to try the look. It pretty much entails wispy, teased, full hair with straight ends and some cute barrettes for flair.

Here is Rodarte’s look:

Here’s my non-professional interpretation: 

(please ignore weird strands gone rogue, my photographer didn’t do a very good job styling me…)

what do you think? should I let my hair down more often?

And come on, somebody else out there must have a signature do they can’t seem to part with?!!

la bella vita venice

I have moved from Paris onto Venice!

The Venice Film Festival started last week. Cue the red carpets!

Here is a run-down of some of my favorite girls in my favorite Venice Film Festival 2010 frocks.

Natalie Portman in Rodarte at the opening ceremonies and Black Swan premiere, which opened the festival. Rodarte did all of the costumes for this film Natalie stars in- a psycological thriller set in the world of the NYC Ballet. See the trailer here. We rarely see Natalie wear strong color and I think she looks great in this red. I love the contrast of the strong color with the ethereal soft and drapey nature of the dress. Lovely.

Jessica Alba in Valentino at the Machete premiere (yes, the movie they cut Lindsay Lohan from).

Again with the so-called “mullet” silhouette – short in front, long in back (see my post on January Jones at the Emmys). I am kind of a fan right now- especially this super short version on Ms. Alba with her great legs. Plus, I love her pretty wispy top-knot!

Sofia Coppola in Louis Vuitton Resort 2011 and carrying a clutch she designed for Louis Vuitton at the Somewhere premiere, her new movie. I love Sofia, I love her unique style, I love her movies. I think this outfit is pretty cute. The sheer top section is right on trend and it so works on her. Her hair dye job is also impeccable. See the trailer for Somewhere here.

And here is adorable 12 year old Elle Fanning in an age-appropriate Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 dress at the Somewhere premiere (she is one of the stars of the movie).  That Marc Jacobs really knows how to dress his ladies of every generation (he is the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton RTW clothing as well). Cute gold mary-janes!

The festival closes on Saturday evening – I can’t wait to see the rest of the dresses we see come down the red carpet in the next couple of days!

bang bang

This post is an ode to Bangs.

Bangs are a huge part of my life. Throughout my 25 years I have had short bangs, long bangs, blunt straight bangs, wispy wavy bangs, sides-wept to the left bangs, side-swept to the right bangs, center bangs. You name the bang look, I’ve had it. This is partly due to the fact that I was born with a severe widows peak and a wide forehead. Simply said, I look unfortunate without bangs.

I also have found that I go through life finding friends to be in my bang club. Girls who realize that bangs will forever be their battle and their love, girls who get the concept of “look but don’t touch.”

Lynelle. Tessa. my childhood friend Emily. I’ve chatted with these girls about the correct cleaning process for bangs (every day, even sometimes in the sink), the right brushes and technique to blow dry them with (round, but blow dry with nozzle down at end to flatten them out), the best flat irons (small 1/2 inchers that heat up really hot), the best hair spray strategy to keep them in place (a couple of layers of medium flexible hold for everyday multiple layers of extra extra hold if going out at night), and how to cut them ourselves (not a guaranteed success, even after all these years).

Here’s the thing, yes they’re high maintenance, but I like them. I can’t part with them. And I’ve grown to appreciate their neediness. So here I am… ode’ing to you, bangs.

My bangs these days are mid length and side-swept. I feel as though they work with the many long-hair hairstyles I have been experimenting with of late (if you don’t know me personally, my long-ish hair is new). Cue bang mugshot photoshoot…

An ode to my favorite inspirational celeb bangs:

top to bottom:  Zooey Deschanel: cutesy messy i’m-in-a-band bangs. Rachel Bilson: glam it-girl movie-premiere bangs (noted this is not a look she always does, but it so works on her). Erin Fetherston: fashion designer immaculately perfect blunt bangs (the girl has been interviewed a dozen time about how she keeps her bangs amazingly perfect. She has is down to a science- check it out here).

Let’s not forget, miss editor-in-chief herself, that always impeccably Sartorial Anna Wintour, has bangs.

p.s. I cut my bangs in these pictures myself. Pretty decent if I do say so myself…

top knot-ch

My girlfriend Hilaire showed up to the wedding last weekend sporting one of the biggest hair trends for this summer: the top knot. And I liked it. Not an easy one to pull off, that top-knot…

Trend board below:

who what wear covers the summer hair trend

Lanvin, Marc Jacobs & Nina Ricci send top knots down the runway

top knots seen on Stockholm Street Style

Some would argue that Hilaire’s was more like a top-pretty-ballerina-bun than a knot. But needless to say, not everyone can pull of a bun on top of their head in everyday life (except if you’re Swedish) – and I’d say she looks pretty darn adorable… don’t you agree?

(plus, her outfit’s cute too! – love the layered pearls and the pink lipstick. Well played, my dear).

“I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. ” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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