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Obsession du jour: online boutique shopping mecca As in, keep me up at night obsessed. You see, this unique online store features merchandise from on the zeitgeist boutiques from all over the world (including the coolest boutiques in the US). The site makes hard-to-find small European lines and unique global vintage pieces instantly accessible and purchasable. No more same jacket or platform heel as the girl sitting in the cube across the way from you. The site is organized by boutique country location (as well as by category) – making it so fun to see what’s hip and hot in the stores in say, Antwerp, Belgium. If you consider yourself a citizen of the fashion world as I like to (even if you rarely physically leave your state), then you should get on this. I went to town a bit and put together 3 fall outfits from some pretty cool far off places…

Joseph sweater from Francis Ferent in Brussels; Arielle de Pinto necklace from Ra in Antwerp; Henrik Vibskov skirt and Sabrina Dehoff bracelets from the Henrik Vibskov Boutique in Copenhagen; Alexander McQueen booties from Biondini in Paris

Gucci fringe shawl from Al Duca d’Aosta in Mestre; GALITZINE Vintage blouse, Pierre Cardin Vintage sunglasses, European Culture trousers from Babylon Bus Women in Plato; Italian Production Vintage alligator boots all from A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage in Lugo di Ravenna

Maison Scotch Bathtub graphic tee and Citizens of Humanity Straight Leg denim from Atrium in NY, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bounty leather jacket from Anastasia in Laguna Beach, Made Her Think Hampshire coin bracelet from Confederacy in L.A.; LUV AJ Crystal shard earrings, Will Leather Goods La manta mini backpack, Doc Marten’s Pascal Botanic boot all from American Rag in L.A.

(psst – i have to say, they have an amazing selection of designer footwear for all you shoe freaks)


let’s dance

Tonight I am hitting the town to celebrate my girlfriend Carlina’s 26th birthday. I know she and I are pretty excited to take to the dance floor in our party frocks. All hail the weekend!


images courtesy of: williams & hirakawa, ffffound, making magique

café de la presse

I’ve found a new favorite French café in San Francisco (second to Café Claude in Claude alley), Café de la Presse. Perfect Sunday afternoon glass of wine catch-up-with-good-friends locale, or just a nice place to get out of the house and enjoy a cappucino, a snack and French Vogue solo.  Please note: their french onion soup was divine.

Paris continued…

My journey through Paris Fashion Week continues…

A roundup review of any fashion week would not be complete without these two: Alexander McQueen and Chanel. Awe Inspiring. Insert giddy sound effect.

Alexander McQueen

Clearly, Sarah Burton was a big fan of Black Swan, as this collection seems to be heavily inspired by it – the themes are written all over it. In an almost entirely black and white color palette (with a little bit of grey), this collection oscillates between soft and innocent (organza! feathers! white!) and touch and harsh (leather,  lace up shoes, structured shoulders, grommets and zippers, black). It is literally the Snow Queen and Dark Queen come to life, walking down the runway, even existing together at times in one look- because isn’t there a little bit of both in all of us (as Natalie Portman’s character finds out)? In the gown on the top left below, Sarah has mixed a fluffy, raw edged off-white organza skirt with a corset made out of collaged sharp broken china (I wish I could see this up close and personal!).

Sarah’s use of texture and different materials within each garment without looking ostentatious and overdone is divinely impressive, it’s what sets this collection apart from the crowd. Equally impressive is her ability to channel Mr. McQueen and honor his established aesthetic while still forging her own identity within his brand after his death. She purposefully used “heritage silhouettes” and stuck to the heavily designed drama as an ode to the brand’s legacy, yet there is something so beautifully feminine about these pieces of art that make them all hers. You have to applaud the girl for being able to strike this balance appropriately, not easy. You go, Sarah. I love this fairy tale fantasy collection and I am so on Team McQueen for the choice of Princess Kate’s wedding dress.  

“Lee’s mind was so different to anyone else’s … I knew there was no way I could pretend to be him. But I’ve worked here for so long, there’s been a big part of me in those collections all along the way.” – Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s longtime right-hand woman, and now Creative Director of his brand post his death (via

and then there’s Chanel

Yep, sigh, Karl has done it again. I think what made me instantly love this collection so much is for the same reason that many girls my age (who like a little edge) loved it: I can relate to it, I get it, I want it. All of it. Karl had to have been inspired by The Sartorialist as all of these awesome looks are straight off of the street: a perfect blend of high and low, uptown and downtown, soft and structured. He has mixed hip styling (long uneven layers, skinny leggings, slouchy trousers, cape silhouettes, baggy leg warmers, beat up boots, undone hair) with luxe Chanel lady-like classics (tweed, bouclé and houndstooth, chain-strap structured purses, two piece suits). This is the (fog drenched, macabre forest fantasy themed) runway equivalent of the girl wearing Gap jeans and her favorite worn-to-death boots, carrying a Chanel Quilted handbag. Only Karl, who hangs out with Florence Welch and Blake Lively, could make Chanel this cool.

don’t worry, the lady-like will be back next season, it always is

au revoir Paris, til next time


PFW: the show must go on

Would it ever be a successful week in the world of fashion without a little (or a lot) of drama? A little bit of blood, sweat, and tears?

Fall 11 Fashion Month officially ended last Friday in Paris (with Paris Fashion Week), and it went out with a bang. There was no shortage of drama,  starting with the John Galliano incidents (wow, shocking, I can’t believe it still) to the firing of Hannah McGibbon from Chloé, one of my favorite houses (officially, her contract was up for renegotiation, yet she got terrible reviews). Despite everything, the fashion, of course, was still fabulous.

We’ll start with the infamous Dior show. Just days after Galliano’s firing and the reason why went public (impeccable timing, eh?).  At first I was surprised they show even went on, but then I was reminded of how many people actually work on a collection, it really isn’t just one person.  And it would not be fair to not show that work of that incredible team behind Dior. And so, the show went on.

Karlie Kloss (the face of Dior) opened the show in pure classic Dior drama: in a flowing black cape, leather and velvet, and a great blue hat. Gorg. This picture really says it all.


“Christian Dior’s values were those of excellence in all that he undertook, of elegance and of craftsmanship reflecting his unique talent. His mission was not only to make his clients – indeed all women – more beautiful, but also to make them happy, to help them dream. He saw himself as a magician who could give women confidence and make them ever more feminine, more sublime. He believed in the importance of respect and in the capacity of this fundamental value not only to bring out the beauty in women, but also bring out the best in all people.The values that Monsieur Dior taught us are unchanged today. Those values are carried on by the wonderful and diverse group of people within the House of Dior who devote all their talent and energy to achieving the ultimate in artisanship and femininity, respecting traditional skills and incorporating modern techniques. The heart of the House of Dior, which beats unseen, is made up of its teams and studios, of its seamstresses and craftsmen, who work hard day after day, never counting the hours, and carrying on the value and the vision of Monsieur Dior. What you are going to see now is the result of the extraordinary, creative, and marvelous efforts of these loyal, hardworking people.”

– Dior CEO, Sidney Toledano in his speech that opened the Christian Dior Fall 11 show. It closed with the entire artisan team taking the stage after the final look in their white work aprons in lieu of their disgraced former boss.

(update: It was just announced this morning that the Italian Riccardo Tisci, former creative director at Givenchy, will replace Galliano, check out his blog here)


My other winning standouts of the week:


 one of my personal idols, Stella McCartney, and her real girl cool.

(Hey, if you can simultaneously create 2 back-to-back sold-out children’s clothing collections for Baby Gap, show 3 collections a year on the Paris runway, dress Gwyneth Paltrow immaculately on a near daily basis and raise your profits by 18% for the Gucci Group in the past year over last year, you’re pretty much killing it, and I bow down to that). Stella won praises for her wearable, saleable clothing and the “Normalcy” and professionalism she brings to the fashion world, which is oft underrated yet refreshing and not lost on anyone.

Another of my Style Icons, Pheobe Philo, and her collection for Céline

She described her inspiration for this collection as “the essential-ness of what it’s like when you get inside a beautifully made car, and the power.” said “Céline is this season’s sleekest manifestation of the collaging of materials we’ve seen as an underlying fall trend.” I pretty much think it’s just beautiful, streamlined chic. And I love the models’ hair.


I read one review of this show that called it “Faultless Frenchy chic.” At first glance, this is not super traditional French, but it actually kind of is, in a very Alber Elbaz kind of way. Something about the bare legs, the brogues, the structured bags, the buttoned up coats, the statements necklaces and the hats on these 2 girls screams French to me. Because can’t you just see every modern chic French girl from Colette in the 1st Arrondissement to the Marais wearing this flawless look?

to be continued…

today is the day

… to rock some pleather

Happy Monday xx


photo: Paris Street Fashion Mr Newton

postcards from paris

I got a postcard in the mail yesterday from Paris!

Thanks Tessa for thinking of me while visiting the City of Lights. The très chic snail mail made my day.

Paris in the fall…. isn’t she a lucky gal? Le Sigh… I wish I could have gone with her! I can’t wait to see her pictures

parisian influence

Here are some of my favorite street style outfit inspiration looks from Paris Fashion Week. I never get tired of looking at these pictures as I find them all so pretty. Even though PFW is over, I couldn’t resist sharing here today.

If I could only be this effortlessly chic….. Le Sigh….

images courtesy of Vanessa Jackman & Mr. Newton

PFW: Chanel!

The talk of the fashion town yesterday was Karl Lagerfeld’s showing of the Chanel Spring 2011 collection at Paris Fashion Week. It was apparently quite the show (as it always is). Karl sent 80 different models onto a circular runway in 85 different looks. They were accompanied by a symphony.

Karl’s collection was inspired by the 1961 french film Last Year at Marienbad (click here to see the trailer), an avant-garde film shot in black & white that has a surrealist dream-like feel. In the most pivotal scene in the movie, the 2 main characters (followed by the camera) rush out of a château and are faced with a tableau of figures arranged in a geometric garden. The people standing around the garden cast long shadows, while the trees in the garden do not.  Not coincidentally, Coco Chanel herself designed the costumes for the  lead female character in the movie.

Karl’s stage set for his show was a modern interpretation of this garden scene, which also paid homage to the 17th-century garden designer André Le Nôtre, who created the formal, clipped gardens at Versailles and the Tuileries in Paris. 

He sent down the runway a look for every type of girl (or just me, in a typical week) – the prep, the rock star, the princess, the goth, the exotic. All classed up in a very Chanel way, of course. Karl tied all his looks together with a narrow mostly black and white color palette that was sprinkled with spring-appropriate yellow, blue and pink pastels. His focus for his pieces was play with texture: he mixed sheer fabrics, feathers, fur, tweed. and ruching. Gorgeous.

Take me to dream-land Karl…



bravo, Karl (as always)

“With the sheer exuberant abundance of this collection, Lagerfeld reminded us that no matter what her age, or whether her style is precise or a little more romantic, he knows just how to dress chic women everywhere.”- Jessica Kerwin Jenkins,

parlez vous gossip!

I have officially started my own personal countdown to the Season 4 premiere of Gossip Girl – 10 days people! 10 days until we get visual overload of fashion fashion fashion (and a healthy does of drama, of course!). If you haven’t heard, Gossip Girls’ first couple of episodes take place in Paris. So now we get Parisian Fashion.  I have loved seeing all of the photos taken from the set in Paris (and some later episodes in NY) that have popped up over the internet, and so I decided to share some here. Serena and Blair sure are some darn lucky gals- their wardrobes are incredible. Swoon . Check it all out below and try not to drool yourself! Oh and if you haven’t seen the extended trailer for the upcoming season premiering Monday, Sept 13, you  must check it out here.   

Oh Mon Dieu!  



 Blair in a Chanel outfit enjoying Ladurée macaroons  (p.s I love this vintage Blair throwback with the headband)

Sacre Blair!  

 Blair enjoying all Paris has to offer a girl obsessed with fashion in a short Maxime Simoens purple dress 



Gossip Girls taking to the Parisian streets in couture.  

 Blair in adorable cherry printed Moschino, Serena in a chantilly lace Swarovski crystal cage dress by Georges Chakra Couture   

  Blair in an Oscar de La Renta gown, Roger Vivier clutch, Harry Winston necklace and Christian Louboutin bow sandals (wow.)  


 Serena in an Emilio Pucci gold blazer, Joie tank, Tibi blue capris, Brian Atwood studded heels 

 Blair in brocade:  A Marc Jacobs top and Alica & Olivia skirt 

   Serena in Suno wide-leg pants, and in a Jenny Packman crystal bedazzled floor-skimming dress  


Blair in an Erdem top, I Heart Ronson skirt and Tiffany and Co key necklace (I happen to own and adore myself – it was featured here and here

Blair in a Marc Jacobs fuschia dress 


Blair having a Cinderella moment in an oh-so-Parisian Chic Bensoni polka dot dress  


Serena in a Haute Hippie sequin jacket  


Blair in a Theory chambray shirtdress, Miu Miu heels, Celine Boston bag and Derek Lam sunglasses 

Blair in a leopard print Gucci dress 


and last but certainly not least… 

 Blair in Celine (look at that bag-  yep the exact one i lusted after here


  viva le chuck!    



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