NYC bound!

I am so excited to be heading to New York tonight for Fashion Week festivities! Literally, I am about to burst with anticipation! The 6 day long itinerary includes the Lucky Fabb blogger conference all day tomorrow (with DVF speaking! The Goddess herself!), an after party event, Fashion Night Out on Friday and Nicholas K and Lela Rose fashion shows. In between – plenty of shopping, eating, drinking and general canoodling from one end of the city to the other! Hopefully I will have time to take in an exhibit at The Met. As you can imagine, my suitcase is overflowing and packing was not an easy task – yet oh so fun to plan outfits for every event and occasion. Look forward to many NYC outfit and city touring posts to come- I can’t wait to share with you here all of my adventures!

Some of what’s in my bag:

Butter London Nail Polish in ‘Wallis‘, MAC wine colored lipstick- sheen supreme in ‘Quite The Thing!’, vintage dress and necklace, sunglass collection (KBL Eyewear red aviators, back ones are vintage), a little/lotta leopard, MAC multicolored travel size make-up brushes, BR platform heels and Vogue Magazine


red, white & shoe


My sartorial and beauty obsessions du jour!

For whatever reason, this post took a turn for the patriotic. I have decided to run with it, as it still is the month of our country’s independence, after all…


White Hot

Last week my friend Rachel and I found ourselves in an in-depth and strategic conversation about the latest and greatest in hip nail polish colors. I was looking for something new, modern and slightly edgy that still read “summer” (too early for fall’s metallics). You should know that Rachel is actually a nail polish aficionado (it’s literally her livelihood), yet when Rachel suggested White I still hesitated and made a face. I was immediately having flashbacks to middle school experiments with White Out. Rach suggested I go towards the opaque and super glossy and get them professionally done, because they need to be clean to look nice. I took her word for it, and I have to say I am actually totally impressed and obsessed with the ‘White Out’ nails look. Seriously, I strongly urge you to try it out for yourself! Good ones:  Deborah Lippman’s ‘Amazing Grace’   and Sephora by OPI’s ‘A-ha! Moment’ .


Coral Heat

 I am equally as obsessed with this particular color of corally-red that is kind of all over the place right now. I have written before about my disaffinity for wearing red (see here), yet the coraliness of this color really takes it above and beyond (it’s prettier!). I recently bought 2 sweaters from Urban Outfitters in this color that I can’t get enough of and am on the hunt for a blazer a la Rachel Bilson. Note to self: lay off the matchy-matchy orangey red lipstick.


The Shoe Biz

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest shoe girl and I rarely feel super emotional about shoes outside of my Frye boot/sandal collection. However, I recently stumbled upon these grey zip-back wedges, thought they were interesting and cool (and comfy to boot!) and now they’re like my new faves. Fun!


 happy weekend to you all!


happy weekend

hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far!

i set up and worked on a pinterest account to organize all of my inspiration photos – check out my work-in-progress boards by clicking on the button to the right (or here)!


I get made fun of at work for my messy desk, and I have to admit, it’s been especially bad lately. But all I can say is, hey, I’m a creative soul. I’m a dreamer. And this is the world I function in. And these qualities are the things you pay me for. Let me do my thing.

so in opposition today, I’m cheers’ing to the dreamers, to the creative souls. live on ♥

another year older…

‘There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.”  -Lewis Carroll
I’m a lucky girl. Yesterday I celebrated my one day a year for birthday presents, and I have to say, it was pretty great.
I am one of those people who strongly believes that birthdays are for celebrating. Because why not? Any excuse for champagne right?  My celebrating this year started with champagne and confetti (and these pisces cocktails) before a night on the town with all of my favorite San Francisco people at my favorite neighborhood bar with dance floor, Rosewood. Then there was delicious brunch with gaggle of girlfriends at Rose’s on Union Street, a requisite photo taking sesh, manicures and pedicures with bright pink polish and unwrapping of presents. It ended with good Italian wine, great conversation (25th year accomplishments, year ahead goals, the meaning of life, the amazingness of hanky panky undies), new friends (I’m looking at you, Jeff), a killer cheese platter and candles to blow out in chocolate toffee bread pudding at Heart wine bar in the mission (also seen here). What more could a newly 26 year-old girl ask for on her birthday? Not much ♥
– Champagne and Confetti –


– Brunch with good friends –


– Fur and Jewels –

Merci Beau Coup dearest friends for celebrating another great birthday with me. You mean the world to me and I am so thankful to have you

and thank you to all who sent me well wishes and happiness on my birthday, you made me feel special ♥

outfit credits:   fur coat: vintage, tee: urban outfitters, jeans: j brans, shoes: mia, clutch: kooba, jewels: j crew, tiffany & co. oh and those feathers in my hair? don’t you worry – they’re getting their own post


spring in your step

how cute is the Doc Marten Spring collection? What did I say…. they’re back! This is a fun and funky spin on the continuing oxford trend! Get me those lavender ladies (top photo), and how cute are those lace tights (middle photo)?

everything is going to be amazing

Happy Wednesday everyone! Getting over the hump as we speak…

Did you hear? Along with everything else in the 90s (plaid, minimalism) Doc Martens are making a comeback. I always wanted a pair of these flowery boots.

style is…


Madewell me

My friend and I were feeling cheeky the other day at work and decided to take some fun pics inspired by the Madewell lookbook looks of late. Cue warm color palette (camel sweater, brick background, rust colored wood heeled shoes), bed head (courtesy of me trying not to wash my hair everyday in order to keep it healthy), and some faux spectacles. I fit right it, dont you think?

email look sent to my inbox:

from the website’s lookbook:

my interpretation:

and yes, I’m wearing Madewell in these pics – thats’s my well-loved MW camel heather boyfriend sweater.. Comfy and Cozy. I suggest a wearable camel-colored sweater this winter to get that on-trend camel neutral into your wardrobe.  Paired back to black the color is oh so sophistocated.

queen of the desert

happy September everyone! I hope you all had a great labor day weekend. The weather was beautiful in San Francisco, and thus made any activity all the more enjoyable.

Here I am in my latest early-September transition-into-Fall outfit, starring, drum roll please…. my new Clarks Original Desert boots, which I originally blogged about here.

I decided to the purchase the true desert boot originals. I plan on having them forever as they will inevitably come back in style at least once more in my lifetime. I am still debating the purchase of an additional heeled pair due to my love for the style, but for now, I am happy with these.

I am wearing them with my new AG twill skinny trousers, which I have rolled up. I am also planning on wearing them with skirts and dresses and denim of course. Pretty cute, eh?

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