all the things you do to me…

Bobbi Brown’s Neon’s & Nudes makeup Collection, Acne Lia Cashmere sweater, Dannijo Benj bracelet, Madewell Pyramid Post and Staccato Stud bracelets

 …and everything you said. I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough. We slip and slide as we fall in love and I just can’t seem to get enough…

Depeche Mode people. Check this vintage amazingness.

As you may have noticed from my last couple of outfit posts, I am really feeling for a pop of neon color to add some panache to my still winter outfits. Like I just can’t get enough (harhar). And now I am thinkin’ Pop of Neon brights to my outfit, Pop of Neon brights to my makeup routine. Love this Bobbi Brown Neons & Nudes makeup palette for Spring! Must buy now…


lavender & florals

I was recently looking through my inspiration tears and I came across these lovely fashion spreads from Elle’s March 2010 issue. Even though they are a year old, they still feel so relevant. I am loving the grounded in lavender color palette sprung to life with optimistic literal and abstract florals. These are the perfect looks to be complimented with Bobbi Brown’s new Spring 11 lavender and pretty pink makeup collection “Python & Peony”  in which she partnered with Tibi to create the prettiest spring packaging.  J’Adore.

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